Strategic Purchasing - A Technology Perspective

Technologies have, are and will change the way we live and do business. While according toKPMG (2016) one of the future scenarios of purchasing shows that this might mean the ‘death’ ofthe procurement function, less pessimistic views outline the potential that technology has to facilitate operational tasks so that purchasers can focus on their key roles and responsibilities.


Skilled Procurement - the differentiation of skills within different aspects of purchasing

With the evolution of the purchasing function from operational to strategic and from being purely cost focused to an important contributor to value creation in an organization (in terms of e.g., quality, innovation, sustainability, etc.), purchasing professionals need a differentiated and extended skill set.


Unpacking pricing models - Kate Vitasek & Michele Flynn

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FORPerhaps no other topic creates as much apprehension between a buyer and a supplier as negotiating a fair price for a product or service. The conventional procurement process puts buyers and sellers on opposite sides of the table until the parties “get to yes.


Complexity is in the Eye of the Beholder - Isaac Kashiwagi

Samenvatting Complexiteit van ICT-projectenHoewel een ICT-project van nature complex kan zijn, zal een expertleverancier bij het toepassen van zijn expertise het ICT-project niet als complex ervaren. Met andere woorden, ‘complexity is in the eye of the beholder’. Toch staat de ICT-industrie bekend om de slechte resultaten van projecten.


Unpacking Request for Partner (Leveranciersselectie in een Vested project)




80% of organizations have to deal with supply chain disruptions every year. Many of them originate upstream, from the supplier. As such, managing risks is one of the key tasks for every purchaser. While knowledge about how to manage risk in the purchasing department has developed steadily, many challenges and possibilities for improvements remain.


PURCHASING INNOVATION - The role of Strategic Purchasing in New Product Development

Innovation of products and services has become a critical competitive factor in many industries. New product development (NDP) can happen within the boundaries of a firm, however, often innovation is the result of a network effort. As such more and more organizations either purchase innovations from suppliers or develop it in collaboration with suppliers.


SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIC PURCHASING - Insights from Theory and Practice

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are high on the agenda of many organizations. Yet, a company is only as sustainable as its suppliers. As such, purchasers play an important role in determining how sustainable an organization really is.