Nevi Webinar: Negotiating in disruptive times

Leveraging game theory beyond incremental improvements. This webinar will be in English.
  • Negotiations and game theory
  • Improve the status quo
  • Work towards a “desired state”
  • Game Theory is the next level of sourcing and negotiations

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15:30 - 17:00
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Disruption, as a result of Brexit, trade wars and new tariffs, a tendency towards global protectionism and now the Corona crises are threatening to destabilise the global economy and generate new barriers to trade. All these developments severely challenge companies’ previous planning assumptions and require them to react. Procurement and Supply Chains need to be able to rapidly adjust to these changing market environments to protect companies’ competitiveness – short and mid-term. For most companies this means they will need to renegotiate major supply chain agreements and commercial arrangements, making incremental improvements of the status quo no longer sufficient. They need to renegotiate better than their competitors to come out ahead of the competition.

Our intention is to explain how you can leverage game-theoretical concepts and knowledge from economics to structure complex (bilateral) negotiations and to work towards a “desired state”. Securing short-term results, while protecting long-term competitiveness. Game theory is a methodology with a proven track record in leading industries, such as e.g. Automotive, Banking and Telecommunications, delivering double digit cost improvements compared to traditional negotiations.

For this webinar Nevi works together with TWS Partners, market leader for game theory in Procurement. 

  • Recognized market and innovation leader for award winning game theory techniques
  • Over 18 years of thought leadership 
  • Almost 80 game theory specialists located in Munich, London and Amsterdam
  • Over 2,200 projects successfully implemented with a total spend of more than 250 billion Euros
  • Cooperation with various universities and leading research facilities


  • 15.30 Log in
  • 15.35 Start
  • 15.45 Presentation Anna Vorfeld (principal bij TWS) and Dieter van de Scheur (general manager the Netherlands, TWS Partners AG)
  • 16.30 Questions?
  • 17.00 End

Nevi Webinar: Negotiating in disruptive times