What businesses can learn from Nobel Prize winners

On Monday, 12 October 2020, Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for improvements to auction theory and the development of new auction formats. In this webinar, we highlight the relevance of Milgrom and Wilson's research for businesses, and why their work is considered ground-breaking. 

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About the event

During the webinar we discuss the following topics:

  • The relevance of Noble Prize winners’ research for businesses, and why their work is considered ground-breaking

  • Theoretical concepts for which the Nobel Prize was awarded 

  • Practical auction applications ranging from Google Ad auctions to procurement and sales. 
  • How business can apply the latest auction theory knowledge in their daily operations

What do you learn?

  • You will gain insight about the application of the latest auction theory research to your business

  • You will learn the key auction formats
  • You will understand the difference between Private and Common value auctions
  • You will learn about the Winner’s Curse and what the implications of it are
  • You will gain insight on the modern SMRA and Combinatorial Clocks Auctions used in telecom spectrum allocation

About TWS Partners

Founded in 2001 as a hybrid of a university start-up and a Siemens spin off in Munich, TWS became quickly the market leader for commercial application of Game Theory. By having collaborations with multiple universities and the ZEW (Leibniz centre for European economic research) our work is based on a solid theoretical fundament. With the concepts derived from game theoretical analysis of markets and competitive situations, TWS satisfied a variety of major blue-chip companies and delivered more than 2200 procurement projects with a volume of +250bn Euro since being founded. While constantly growing TWS employs currently 80+ experts in game theory with background in economy, mathematics, physics and engineering.
We are supporting our customers not only in actual sourcing projects but also by offering different trainings and looking into their overall organisation and strategy.  In addition, since 2020 we are offering webinars, which will be continued in 2021 in order to spread our knowledge and get in touch with a broader audience. If you are interested in improving your companies’ purchasing process and negotiation strategy, we are happy to elaborate on our game theoretical approach in a follow-up session.

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