NEVI NEXT: where are we headed?

Nieuws 06 december 2018

In the spring of 2018, under the leadership of NEVI president Siep Eilander, we began a strategic reorientation of our policy vision.Mr Eilander said: “The subject of procurement is centre stage and developments are moving at a rapid pace.

The way that associations are regarded is also changing. If we want to remain strong in the future, we must stay relevant to procurement professionals, their organisations and society. For NEVI, this means that we have to evolve with these changes and select our focus areas. I wanted to get started on this task as soon as I was appointed, so that’s why we began this reorientation.” 
After conducting research, for instance through surveys, interviews and meetings in July and September – involving not only members, but also other stakeholders in the field of procurement – it was time for the next phase: making choices and implementing them.
At the Members’ Council meeting of 2 November 2018, the board presented three key choices:
- First, NEVI’s new ‘WHY’: NEVI exists to raise procurement to the next level for the benefit of individuals, organisations and society.
- Focus on four core activities: Network; Education culminating in diplomas; Training & development; and Support tools. In addition, NEVI has a number of programmes to address societal issues.
- NEVI has a single, recognisable identity. All activities are being brought under a single brand: NEVI. The Purspective brand will disappear in due course and in-company activities will be continued under the NEVI brand.
These choices were approved by the Members’ Council. 

Mr Eilander said: “In the new NEVI, we’ll be operating on the basis of the Network 3.0 concept, with plenty of scope for innovation and co-creation with existing and future partners. At present we are continuing to develop the implementation plan, which will be presented to the Members’ Council for approval at the start of 2019. So we’ve already taken the first steps and we’re brimming with confidence as we face the future.”

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