Nevi offers groundbreaking procurement tools

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Nevi offers breakthrough procurement tools that help you create added value for your organization every day. Tools that are most efficient and workable and save a lot of time and money.

Nevi aims to help procurement professionals and organizations do their jobs better by connecting them with innovative and proven tooling from the most advances suppliers, whether start-up or renowned institute. Tools that help result in better insights and better understanding as well as in better cost and better time management.

Practical tools as the secret weapons of the most driven buyers 

Nevi offers a range of support tools that help you create more added value every day again. They are the result of our continuously scouting around for new findings and for innovative parties who want to bring these to the next level with us. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. They all are tools that maximize their value as practical or strategic business tool while they help upgrade all aspects of your daily practice: through implementing incremental improvements in your existing processes every day.

1. Useful templates

From practical step-by-step plans and checklists and formats to fill out, you’ll find them under Tools in our Kennislab. New are the 81 Corporate Social Responsibility specification datasheets.

2. Auto-analysis or ‘Health checks’

These tools are perfect to create benchmarks for yourself or for your organization on particular themes or issues. E.g. on negotiation styles, MSU (procurement maturity) and behavioural assessment. Read more in our Kennislab (our Knowledge Lab) under Tools. 

3. Tools (co-)developped by Nevi

Think of: 

4. Tooling of and with innovative partners 

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