Learning points from tender litigation translated into your procurement practice: this tool will help you solve and prevent problems with tenders. With this tool you’ll get:

  • Access to a vast online knowledge database filled practical learning points
  • Answers to most legal questions regarding tendering
  • An array of instruments to deal with problems you might foresee or get with tenders

Save time

The Practicals are always short and to the point. We bring the often dozens of pages of the ruling back to the core for the procurement practice, clearly and practically displayed in just 1 to 2 A4 pages. This way you are up to date with all jurisprudence in the field of purchasing and procurement in no more than 10 minutes per month.

Professionalizing in an accessible way 

Through the Practicals and the webinars, purchasers and lawyers can increase their knowledge of procurement simply, easily and structurally.

Less risk of errors and claims

Through the insight that InkoopJurisprudent provides into the problem areas in procurement and the reasons for tendering parties to start a lawsuit, you can prevent potential problems in your own procurement. For our licensees, the portal acts as a continuous point of contact for problems and questions. 

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