Global Sustainable Enterprise System

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Global Sustainable Enterprise System

Make sustainable ambitions and milestones most visible and transparent! Gain full attention and trust of (internal) stakeholders. The GSES®- tool leads you to next level authority.

  • With access to an international online sustainability measurement system that covers all facets
  • Implementing incremental improvements towards the highest internationally accepted standards
  • Maximizing detailed vendor insights regarding sustainability, health and safety performance

Making sure you buy sustainably

We all want to practice effective sustainability. But how do you navigate around the numerous certifications and labels, and what are they actually worth? How can you be certain that a trading partner really is operating responsibly? And when it comes right down to it, how sustainable is your own organisation?

Customized for both companies and governmental bodies

The GSES® system is the international online blockchain-based measurement system for sustainability that covers all aspects, is suitable for all sectors, and is based on the best internationally accepted norms and standards.

The tool includes a range of functions such as sustainability ranking for procurement and suppliers based on sustainability KPIs, assessments for gaining insight into your own sustainability performances, circularity, health and environment measurements for products/projects that make sustainable procurement measurable. View an example of the dashboard. Alternatively, you can request a demo from GSES.

Subscription fee

The cost of using the GSES®-system starts at 490 euro on a yearly basis, depending on the turnover of your organization and your line of business. Fill out the form and receive the url-key to log in and to see the actual rates GSES® and the  National Sustainability Institute calculate for your organization. Subscribing via our form delivers you a 5% discount in the first year of participation. Invoicing is via GSES Management BV. 

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