Creating a solid fit-for-purpose contract with all the constituent elements complete, correct and congruent, detailing all features and specificities? This is how you do it!                                    

The latest Nevi's Weagree-Tool leads you through all the potential relevant articles and has been specially developed for professionals who want to keep the reins in the process of reaching an agreement. 

With this tool you’ll be backed up by:

A virtual legal assistant who leads you through all questions and adds the relevant articles to your agreement based on your answers 

All necessary legal knowledge, including English-language contracts

A tool that can be integrated into your own system

Simple and versatile

The tool contains high-quality model agreements that are carefully tailored for purchasing and supply management, legally up-to-date, verified annually by specialized lawyers and tested for correctness. 

A short video of the tool: Demo video Weagree Tool                                                          

In this 4-minute video we give you an overview of all available contracts: from nondisclosure/confidentiality  agreements to long-term strategic purchasing contracts, both in Dutch and English. Going through the wizard you will experience the depth of the tool and you will see how fast and easy it nowadays is to create a solid contract.                                                                                                        

Practical information                              

If you need things more tailor-made and specific it is easy to do an upgrade together with a customized integration within your own network environment. This we set up for you in collaboration with Weagree.

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