Supplier management

Supplier management, vendor management and contract management; you’ll encounter all of these terms in the procurement profession. What is it, and what are the similarities and differences?

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What is supplier management? 

Supplier management consists of managing and controlling the relationship with suppliers, as well as the agreements with and performance of the suppliers in terms of scope, quality and costs. The aim of supplier management is to identify the most suitable suppliers, and then to determine their roles and responsibilities.

What is contract management?

Contract management  is the process by which signed contracts and any changes to them are clearly recorded, managed and monitored, with the aim of ensuring full utilisation of the contracts and the generation of management reports.

What is the difference between supplier management and contract management?

The most important difference between contract management and supplier management is that the former is about managing the contract, while the latter has to do with managing the relationship with the supplier.

What is the aim of supplier management?

The aim of supplier management is to choose the right suppliers and the most effective type of partnership, and to manage the suppliers after these choices have been made. This entails establishing, structuring, setting up, maintaining and monitoring the most suitable supplier relationships. For this reason, it is the overarching process for everything that takes place from procurement to the termination of contracts.

What is the aim of contract management?

The aim of contract management is the realisation of contract objectives by proactively working towards the intended goals established at the moment the contract was entered into. Naturally, this is done in collaboration with the supplier.

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