Advanced Negotiations training | E-learning | Nevi

Masterclass on advanced negotiations. With courses such as biases negotiation and game theory. Sign up for our online negotiation training!


Applying Game Theory in Negotiations

In this training you will learn how to apply game theory in negotiations and get maximum value for the business.


Business Negotiation in a Virtual World

The negotiation tactics program focuses on the development of negotiation skills in a virtual world. Based on the negotiation style, participants will learn to use various styles depending on the situation - online and face to face.


Category Management E-Learning

Masterclass on the most important topic within procurement, namely category management. Intermediate – advanced level. Sign up for the course!


Contract Management E-Learning

Making great contracts is one thing, there is more money to be won in managing your suppliers well. Sign up for this e-learning!


Cost Management E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should have a good understanding about total cost management. Sign up for this e-learning!


Developing Procurement Expertise

Developing Procurement Expertise is a fast track programme that focuses on the sourcing and procurement process in several high-tech industries.


Driving results through innovation leadership

Innovation related procurement requires individual skills beyond the typical professional qualification in procurement.

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