Personal development

As a professional, you are constantly evolving. In order to maximise the added value you offer your organisation, it’s important for you to keep working on your personal development.

Enrol in a personal development educational or training programme

The benefits of personal development

As a procurement professional, you are largely dependent on others within your organisation. So it’s important for you to have the maximum impact on them. Your personal development is crucial in this respect. Personal development will help you to be more effective at communicating, managing, cooperating and persuading, as well as helping you to resolve conflicts and raising your awareness of your own behaviour.

Personal development educational & training programmes and tools at Nevi 

In-company training programmes

Did you know that we can provide all of our training programmes in-company? You and your team can undertake personal development training at your own location. This means you’ll not only be benefiting from the training, you’ll also be working on team building and saving on travel costs and time. Read more about our in-company training programmes.

Educational programmes

Procurement Leadership Program

9 months

  • You will gain a better understanding of your own approach to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain your own potential
  • You will leave the program with fresh perspectives and tangible action plans for taking charge of your own destiny
  • You will have gained skills to better connect with and influence your most important business stakeholders, such as CEO, CFO, R&D, CMO and COO

Training programme 

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