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Your purchasers face the challenge of an ever changing marketplace. Next, they must also meet the expectations of the internal client and of new legislation. Organizational goals such as cost reduction and sustainability are also high on the agenda. Never an easy job. One of the best ways to encourage (manager) development is by offering them the right short cuts to a higher level. Whether you work in the private or public sector, with our methods, training modules and education programs the effect of fostering confident managers is always unmistakable. 

Topics & Themes

Our training and education programs are exactly the types of routes that make your departments thriving. They include:

  • Strategic purchasing
  • Negotiating
  • Contract management
  • Supplier management
  • Sourcing
  • Category management
  • Cost management
  • Value Chain Management
  • Socially responsible procurement
  • Competencies & behavioral skills for the purchasing professional

Map the knowledge, skills and behavior of employees 

To meet the goals of your organization, it is essential you understand the knowledge levels, competencies, skill sets and behavioural patterns of the groups and individuals within your organization. Of course to identify the knowledge gaps that affect your bottom line. Nevi helps you with the R-CEPTt™ (Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement) approach. With advanced development scans, following five clear steps, you know exactly where your organization stands.

  • 1. Determining objectives

    Step 1 in the R-CEPTt™ method is to pinpoint ambitions, vision and objectives. The concrete dots on the horizon.

  • 2. Analyzing development opportunities

    Once the goal has been determined, we look at where you are now to determine strengths and weaknesses, using dynamic opportunities that exist within your organization as benchmarks.

  • 3. Targeted trainings and development plans

    The outcome of steps 1 and 2 are translated into feasible, customized development plans for individual employees and the procurement organization as a whole.

  • 4. Implementation

    We use various learning and development interventions and support you in sustainably guaranteeing the results achieved.       

  • 5. Evaluation

    To prove the R-CEPTt™ works in practice, we address things most  concretely, verifying your investments are filling the knowledge gaps, meeting the predetermined objectives.

The most result-oriented training and education programs

Looking for courses, trainings and educational programs that will update the knowledge and enhance procurement skills of the colleagues in procurement – any level? Nevi delivers current and relevant courses immediately applicable to the workplace, ranging from general procurement knowledge (Nevi 1 and 2) to more specific ones such as  Best Value Procurement, Tendering or Circular Procurement. Our competency-based educational platform offer various formats to be followed in-company or at Nevi. 

Find a degree or a certifying program that fits the personal and professional goals of the colleagues by just talking with our Client Relation Managers. 

Unlimited access to Procurement know-how

Would you like to give the colleagues access to all the relevant sourcing and procurement information to help shaping the supply strategy? Then take out an organization membership! Your organization will be connected with thousands of purchasing professionals, colleagues will receive trade magazine Deal! and get access to Kennislab, a closed purpose-built environment to intelligently execute each step of the procurement process and supply strategy with. Through the platform Nevi is constantly updating quite a number of tools to equip your organization for its future competitive edges: from practical step-by-step plans to benchmark tools and the complete guides to processes and procedures - varying from the smartest, proven ones to new and innovative and/or more holistic ones like e.g. Circular Procurement.

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