Terminate Membership

Do you want to terminate your Nevi Professional Membership? You can terminate your membership by post or by e-mail.

If you want to terminate your membership before your next membership year starts, we must receive your notice of termination before 1 December. A Nevi Professional Membership is tied to a particular person. Only that person can terminate the membership, even if a different party (e.g. an employer) actually pays the annual membership fee.

Once we have received your notice of termination and any membership fee that is still due, we will send you confirmation of termination by e-mail. We would be grateful if you could include your membership number and your reason(s) for terminating your membership. 

What benefits will you miss out on if you terminate your Nevi Membership?

We will of course be sorry to see you go if you terminate your Nevi membership. Once your membership ends, you will no longer be entitled to:

  • Discounts on events, education and training programmes organised by Nevi
  • Free access to Nevi network meetings
  • Access to the Nevi Knowledge Lab
  • The trade publication Deal!
  • And lots more

Terminate membership 

To help us process your membership termination, please provide us with your:

(1=extremely dissatisfied, 10=extremely satisfied)
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