In-company training programmes

Need a custom training or development programme? Our in-company training is specifically suited to your organisation and situation. We help both experienced and novice procurement professionals improve their skills in a wide range of areas.

What is in-company training?

All of our practical training programmes can be customised and merged according to your needs, and delivered in the place and time that suits your needs the best. We’re happy to provide practical in-company training on-site at your office or another location, on your chosen date. The advantage of in-company training is not only its practical focus, but also that it enables you to work on team building at the same time. If you’re looking for a procurement-themed training programme, take a look at what in-company training could do for your organisation.

Complete development programme

If you want your procurement organisation to excel and contribute optimally to the business objectives, then you can’t go wrong with a development programme based on our R-CEPt™ method. In our vision, individuals and organisations are inseparably entwined. The performances of individual employees naturally have an effect on the result for the team and for the organisation as a whole.

 We offer a development programme with a wide range of customised education and training programmes and tools. These are aimed both at your team and at other parties in the chain who work with your people.

The R-CEPTt™ method

Development plans are too often based on intuition. Our R-CEPt™ approach (Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement) contains a systematic, step-by-step plan.

 It includes advanced development scans that provide an overview of the knowledge, skills and behaviour of employees and the team as a whole. The scans give objective insight into the decisiveness and potential of the entire procurement role in your organisation.

Read more about these five steps and our R-CEPt™ methode.

A step-by-step approach for the whole team 

In mutual consultation, we determine the structure, content, desired output and goals of the customised training or development programme. Depending on the nature and scope of the programme we run through a number of clear steps to arrive at the best solution.   

  • Step 1: We discuss general aspects with you, such as the specific situation, target group and desired results
  • Step 2: You receive a comprehensive quote with clear cost indication
  • Step 3: We prepare the training based on a joint choice of supporting activities, trainers and training dates
  • Step 4: The trainers receive relevant documents, such as your organisation’s policy plan and procedures, to help them prepare.
  • Step 5: The training comes with a training folder tailored to the topics of the programme and the level of the participants.
  • Step 6: Assessments, coaching, evaluations and coordination take place regularly with you as the client, to ensure that the training is aligned with your wishes.

Want to know more about an in-company training or development programme with Nevi? 

Nevi is the leading knowledge network and starting point for procurement management. We have already provided many training programmes for the government, service organisations, the healthcare sector, trade organisations and the construction and industrial sectors. Examples include training programmes for improving the procurement process, increasing negotiation skills, optimising supplier management or in the area of general personal development. We’d be happy to create a custom professional in-company training programme for your organisation too. Feel free to contact us, obligation-free!

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