The R-CEPt™-method, perhaps today’s most clever way to improve the business impact of your procurement organization.

Your organization, whether public or private, is facing major challenges. Procurement must continuously respond to calls for higher quality, innovation, sustainability and cost reduction, where the x-factor of the successes is more and more determined by your human capital that is on top of it.                                         Indeed, knowledge, skills and pro-activity of the employees you guide, facilitate and motivate is becoming systemic and vital for business impact!

The R-CEPTt™ method

Too often development plans are based on intuition. Our R-CEPt™ approach (Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement) aims to set out a more systematic roadmap. With advanced development scans that map knowledge, skills and behaviour of individual employees and the team as a whole. These scans provide objective insights into the impact strength and potential of the entire procurement function.  

Benefits of R-CEPt™

  • The method gives a clear insight into the competencies of the colleagues, the different procurement roles and the functioning of the team as a whole
  • It provides individual development plans for the colleagues
  • It leads to a step-by-step development plan for entire the procurement organization
  • It provides concrete insights into return on investment as a result of the efforts
  • It contributes effectively and strongly to your overall business goals

The five steps in R-CEPt™

R-CEPt 1 - Een stip op de horizon zetten

Step 1  Set a clear goal

Your procurement-team should be able to add value on various levels. And that’s why setting a clear goal following the R-CEPt™ method is so forceful to step up the efforts and to bridge the gap between vision and ambition and implementation. This first step in the R-CEPt™ method provides a concrete, clear goal for your procurement team.

R-CEPt 2 - Drie analyses

Step 2 Three analyses

Once the goals are defined, we’ll look at where you are standing now. The Individual Development Scan provides insight into knowledge, skill and behavioural sets (habits and customs) of your team members. Next, the Organizational Development Scan records the current situation and determines the various opportunities. And by using the third scan, the Change Development Scan, you determine the ability to adapt to change, and get a better grip of the weak and strong points.

R-CEPt 3 - Ontwikkelplannen

Step 3 Development plans

The outcome of these three analyses provides you with a wealth of information: on current knowledge levels, skills and behaviour of individual employees as well as on their place in the development cycles. As a result you will get better input for the exercise of participatory team membership in procurement maternity of the organization, and will grasp more about strategic staffing. 

E.g. to offer the colleagues opportunities for development, helping them to translate goals and objectives into feasible and quick wins for themselves and for the organization.

R-CEPt 4 - Implementatie

Step 4 Implementation

Next we focus on increasing knowledge, on deepening skills and on changing behaviour. E-CEPt™ offers tailor-made development plans for individual employees as well as for the teams. Regular teaching and development interventions ensure furthermore that results achieved are secured.

R-CEPt 5 - Return on investment (ROI)

Step 5 Return on investment (ROI)

R-CEPt™ is a proven method to make best practices common practices. To make it most concrete we regularly compare the investments made in customized development programs with the outcomes of your pre-defined objectives and agreed job objectives. 

You make your own choices in the approach

The R-CEPt™ method consists of a whole number of steps, elements and analyses. It is quite conceivable that you already apply one or more of these. You may even have a good understanding of the maturity levels of your procurement already. Or you may already have competencies and employee development in sharp focus.     

Nevi Building Blocks

With the right combination of knowledge, skill sets and behaviour you can really accomplish a huge business impact and effectiveness – along the way turning procurement into a centre of excellence. Nevi therefore develops and organizes procurement and supply chain trainings that ensure new initiatives that all are planned and implemented in a coherent, consistent and mutually (staff) reinforcing way. 

They include:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Business development skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Functional competencies
  • Personal skills and competencies

On three levels of competence:

  1. Qualified (knowlegde and application)
  2. Advanced (application and analysis)
  3. Expert (analysis, evaluation and creation)

All these competencies are reflected in the Nevi building blocks, which stand for different products and training courses. At the same time we offer further development of competencies at the three different levels, so that these indeed result in the effects we aim for at that level. It means we tailor all these building blocks to individual and group needs (personal and group L&D-development plans) and to your business goals. 

The Nevi Building Blocks are:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Sourcing
  • Category Management
  • Cost Management
  • Value Chain Management
  • Legal
  • Competencies & Behaviour
  • Trends

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