Developing Procurement Expertise

Developing Procurement Expertise is a fast track programme that focuses on the sourcing and procurement process in several industries. After this training, participants and teams will: 
  • Understand the sourcing and procurement process
  • Be able to use the different sourcing tools
  • Understand the key essentials of negotiations

About this training

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Incompany possibilities

What does the Developing Procurement Expertise training course consist of?

The Developing Procurement Expertise course ensures that you will not only understand the fundamental theory but will also be able to challenge and apply it. It will help you to develop your skills and achieve your goals, ensuring that your business comes out ahead.
The highly interactive sessions are structured around the sourcing cycle and will enable you to understand the steps and tools involved and how to apply them to real-life challenges. The benefits of this approach are that it ensures strategic thinking and pragmatic execution, and allows you to get closer to the business and increase the impact of sourcing and procurement.
Developing Procurement Expertise (DPE) will give you a solid foundation upon which to continue building your exciting and successful career in sourcing and procurement.

For whom is the Developing Procurement Expertise training course intended?

This programme is intended for:

  • Individuals who are relatively new to the world of sourcing and procurement, or those who feel the need for a refresher.
  • Individuals who have a higher education degree and/or who are working at that level and who are switching to a different or new position in procurement.

The programme is suitable for all organisations that focus on and work according to general industrial sourcing and procurement processes and supply chain ‘thinking’ (or plan to do so). This is applicable to many sectors or situations and is therefore not designed for a specific sector. However, the course can be tailored to suit in-company deliveries.


What will I learn during the Developing Procurement Expertise training course?

Module 1:

  • Understanding the world, business and role in which we work
  • The sourcing process
  • Understanding and aligning with the business environment
  • Business needs and requirement analysis
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Category portfolio segmentation
  • Supplier’s portfolio and the Dutch windmill
  • Sourcing strategies
  • TCO and value chain
  • Risk I

Module 2:

  • Supplier selection drivers
  • Pricing models
  • Risk II
  • Contracting and legal
  • Business partnering
  • Intro to supplier relationship management
  • Supplier performance and development
  • Intro to category strategy development
  • Innovation and transformation
  • Sustainability and ethics

Module 3:

  • Negotiation – strategies and process
  • Objectives & alternatives  
  • Questioning & listening 
  • Variables for capturing value 
  • Body language 
  • Managing movement/emotion/threats 
  • Controlling time 
  • Utilising teams


The training is on location or virtual. The training programme consists of: 

Prework (optional)

  • High Impact E-learning; masterclass in Strategic sourcing


  • Classroom training: six days divided into three two-day modules which can be planned as required
  • Optional 1–2 hours virtual classroom follow-up to provide coaching and support for real-life project


Modules 1 & 2 

  • Virtual classroom journey divided into three modules each consisting of three blocks of 3.5 hours training (including half an hour break)

Module 3   

  • Virtual classroom journey divided into three modules each consisting of three blocks of 3.5 hours training (including half an hour break)
  • This part of the journey will be delivered in just one month and will ensure high participant engagement both during and between the modules 

Project plan

For both alternatives:

  • During and after the programme, participants will apply what they have learnt in a real-life project
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