Applying Game Theory in Negotiations

Game theory is the next level of sourcing and negotiations. Therefore it is important to know how to apply game theory in negotiations. In this training you will learn the following: 
  • Why the application of game theory can yield much better negotiation outcomes compared to traditional negotiations, on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) basis
  • Gain insights into auction methods and when and how to best use them
  • How to create a rule-based sourcing process through a number of real-life case studies

About this training

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What is the workshop Applying game theory in negotiations?

Applying game theory in negotiations is an intensive 2-day workshop in which you learn how rule-based negotiations can yield much better negotiation results than traditional negotiations. 

This is a methodology with a proven track record in leading industries, such as e.g. automotive, banking and telecommunications, delivering double digit TCO improvements compared to traditional negotiations. 

Through a series of negotiation games and extensive case studies you will learn the main elements that influence bargaining power and how to use those to your advantage and how setting structured rules in complex negotiation settings allows for effective negotiations.   

Understanding of the game theoretic fields of bargaining theory, auction theory and mechanism design – awarded with several Nobel prizes – are shown to be the underlying foundation of successful negotiations.

For whom is the workshop Applying game theory in negotiations?

Relevant for both public and private procurement sectors. On request the workshop can be tailored to a specific sector (e.g. public procurement or financial services) via examples and case studies from the specific industry. 

Target audience: middle and higher management in procurement organizations. People involved with strategic procurement (e.g. Commodity managers, strategic buyers, procurement managers/directors, etc.).

Applying Game Theory in Negotiations

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What do I learn during the workshop Applying game theory in negotiations?

Theory and application of game theory in negotiations (including bargaining theory, auction theory and mechanism design), optimal awarding and negotiation processes in procurement, negotiation levers in bilateral and multilateral negotiations, preparation and execution of rule-based negotiations, through experiments and real-life cases.


This course is given in English.

Also in-company

We also organize this training in-company. Want to know more about an in-company training or development programme with Nevi? Feel free to contact us.

TWS Partners

For this workshop Nevi works together with TWS Partners, market leader for game theory in procurement. 

  • Recognized market and innovation leader in applied game theory and market design for businesses
  • Founded in 2001 by game theory specialists from industry and research
  • Over 70 consultants specializing in game theory and Industrial Economics
  • Over 2,200 successfully accompanied transaction projects, with a sustainable implementation of the methodology in the organizations
  • Negotiated Procurement volumes of more than 250 billion euros
  • Whitepaper Game Theory: in Dutch, in English


The different topics are explained and made accessible via both content and various (negotiation) exercises and case studies. The case studies in the workshop are real-life settings in which game theory has been applied. Participants in the training are challenged to first “solve” these case studies themselves, before we discuss real-life results. 

No study prior to the workshop is required.  

Applying Game Theory in Negotiations

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