Driving Results through Innovation Leadership

Innovation related procurement requires individual skills beyond the typical professional qualification in procurement. In this training you will learn the following:
  • Avoid the detours, potholes and roadblocks that cause innovations to fail
  • Develop, define and package ideas with power and clarity
  • Use influence, communication and collaboration to implement new innovations

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What is the course Driving procurement results through innovation leadership?

Driving results through innovation leadership is a two‐day intensive course that trains leaders to connect innovation to results. Participants master the process through experiential situations, examples and problem-solving. And they take home the ability to drive great ideas through their organization and into the marketplace.

For whom is the course Driving procurement results through innovation leadership?

Mid‐ to senior‐ level managers who are responsible for championing new innovations while achieving business results. This is the leading pthers and leading managers levels on the leader development roadmap. 

For example: 

Inga is a mid‐to senior‐level manager and often leads project teams. Her innovation challenge may be an individual and/or an organizational challenge. She is responsible for driving innovative ideas through to implementation, in addition to her every day responsibilities. Inga is looking for practical skills and tools to help her strengthen her ability to champion innovation. She is a busy manager and getting away from the office for a training program is a challenge. She needs to understand the value of learning in a face‐to‐face environment rather than using an eCourse, book or online tool. Her ideal program is a shorter program that doesn’t require too much time away from the office and utilizes a “learning by doing” approach.

What do I learn during the course Driving procurement results through innovation leadership?

Equips managers to champion innovation throughout their organization to bring more successful solutions to market while still managing the day‐to‐day business.

Challenges we support participants on:

  • Build relationships to spur innovation
  • Solve problems successfully
  • Sell ideas to senior leaders

Notice: This program is NOT: a) a creative thinking course, b) an innovative thinking course, c) a facilitation course, d) a course on 'how to lead a team to create innovative ideas'


Pre-work + assessments:

  • Background Info
  • Key Innovation Solution
  • FourSight® Thinking Profile
  • Pre‐reads


2 days.


The course is given in English.

Center for Creative Leadership

Every one knows leadership really matters for solving your biggest challenges. That’s why your partner in leadership development matters, too.

Nevi found the right partner for this training in CCL, the Center of Creative Leadership, consistently ranked among the world’s top providers of executive education by the Financial Times.

Driving Results through Innovation Leadership

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