Digital Procurement Business Transformation

Would you be interested in making a succes of every digital transformation your company stand for? Follow our Digital procurement business transformation and learn the following:
  • The seven key drivers for a succesful business transformation.
  • How to define a vision for digital and a solid business case for your own digital procurement transformation. 
  • How to master and control the processes for continuous change and improvement.

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Make digital transformation a most smart digital transformation

Only 12%1 of all change processes meet or exceed expectations. An enormous waste, while any business transformation costs a lot of time and money. 

The succes rates for digitizing procurement processes are not much better, which gives reason for stakeholders not to become overly enthousiastic about this type of change processes. That is until now.

As a procurement director you know that to make a succes of a reconceptualization and reorganization of procurement strategy, processes, people, skill stets and support systems based on new and digital technologies, you need to weigh the decisions to perform the operation. The training Digital procurement business transformation teaches you that; implement, complement and balance.

This training is set up around the seven-step plan for effective and profitable digital transformation. And then it does not make much difference wheter you're working for a large multinational or are responsible for procurement within an SME as our unique approach is very much system, solution and solver centric.

Does the training Digital procurement business transformation suit you?

We would definitely say so when you work as a (purchasing or procurement) director or as a senior manager involved in change processes in the field of procurement and/or digitization. And when want to get started with your own practiacal case to seize the opportunities that now have arrived to drive enterprise new growth and value. 



Digital Procurement Business Transformation

At present there are no dates planned or scheduled sessions are full. If you are interested, please contact 088 330 0700 or via Nevi

What topics do we cover during our training? 

The Digital Procurement Business Transformation Training covers the seven elements that are crucial to successfully transform your current operating model:

  1. Vision, mission and strategy
  2. Digitization
  3. Program vision and business case
  4. Support from management
  5. Transformation within sourcing and procurement
  6. Change management
  7. Continuous improvement

Work forms

During the training you’ll get plenty of time to adopt the learnings and the innovative thinking to either replace your own outdated analogue models and legacy systems or to enhance and augment newly installed core systems of your own business case. You’ll get all the coaching you need to reflect on your own digital procurement business transformation. 

Apart from that the program consists of classroom meetings in order to get you master the theoretics.  


Prefer to contact us by phone or email? Program Manager Mariska van Wijnen will be happy to assist you.

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