Strategic Sourcing

Stategic Sourcing in the new economy is about helping traditional buyer-supplier relationships to create a highly collaborative, purpose built relationship

Developing and applying business models fit for 21st Century sourcing has long been overdue. Building on research published in 2015 by professor Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee (and co-authors) there is now a new approach to strategic sourcing in the new economy: Sourcing Business Models (SBM). SBM is the newest development in SRM to classify your supplier relationships and hands-on ways to structure your cooperation. 

By selecting the right Sourcing Business Model for your situation you can increase organisational value from your suppliers, and by effectively applying SBM concepts to your categories, you will be able to structure, manage and develop optimised supplier and stakeholder relationships..

More Sourcing Business Models



Sustainable footprint

De Sustainable Footprint stelt je in staat om een integrale duurzame voetafdruk van jouw producten, diensten en projecten te berekenen.


Vested Executive Education Course

The Vested approach turns traditional buyer-supplier relationships on their head – creating a highly collaborative, purpose built relationship.

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