About Nevi

the knowledge network for procurement, contract and supply management

Nevi is the ultimate knowledge network for procurement, contract and supply management. We are committed to raising the purchasing profession to a higher level for individuals, organizations and society.  

Nevi is for everyone who is involved in the procurement profession. We bundle insights from the business community, the public sector, education and science and share this knowledge in our powerful association of 6,500 procurement professionals who inspire and stimulate each other.

In addition, we offer targeted education and training and events that allow you to get the very best out of yourself and your organization. With our education and training offer, we follow organizations across borders. Our extensive and international trainer network ensures a uniform range, with a connection to the local culture.

Key activities

Our key activities are: 

We have 8 recognized Nevi courses with diplomas. We regularly add new workouts to our palette. We also offer development programs for procurement departments and organisations.
We have more than 55 practical and up-to-date training courses, master classes and courses. We regularly add new training courses to our range. We also offer development programs for procurement departments and organisations.
Members and non-members find each other at Nevi. In Dutch and English. With a community of 12,000 procurement professionals, we have great clout. We believe that knowledge development and a large network of procurement professionals will help you move forward. That is why we organize conferences and network meetings and we facilitate communities in which professionals find each other. Read more about Network and Communities
Nevi works with stakeholders in co-creation on social themes and on social projects with other organizations and partners. With this we make ourselves visible, we create new opportunities for organizations and professionals and we actively contribute to a better world through purchasing. View our social programs
We invest in education and research in order to continue to develop our profession. In doing so, we work closely with higher professional education institutions and universities, in order to make more impact together. We sponsor chairs for professors, for example. The Nevi Research Committee (NRC) stimulates scientific research and promotes the quality, professionalization and position of purchasing. Read more about the committee

We carry out our activities with respect for the environment, the environment and the individual.

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