and the Council of Members


The Nevi board governs the association and determines the goals and strategic frameworks. The board also forms the board of Stichting Nevi Examens and the supervisory board of Nevi B.V.

The Board is accountable to the Council of Members, Nevi's highest governing body. Nevi's board currently consists of five members, including the chairman. There is a portfolio allocation within the board. A board member is appointed by the members' council for a maximum of 6 years.

Council of Members

Rapid decision-making and participation by members are essential to be able to respond alertly to developments in the market and our field. Both factors fit an enterprising association. Nevi's Members' Council represents the members and ensures the connection.

Our members are a precious source of knowledge and experience. Procurement is our shared passion and social bond. Developments in the market and in our field require knowledge and involvement. In order to be able to respond alertly to these developments, rapid decision-making is necessary and participation by members is essential. The Council of Members meets at least twice a year and consists of a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 people. Elections are held every three years.

What does the Council of Members do?

A selection of the activities of the Council of Members: determining the contribution, organizing the national Council of Members elections and the cohesion between the various statutes.

Get to know the Council of Members

There are a number of members per community who will represent the members of Nevi in the Council of Members.


The Council of Members consists of several committees:

Monitors organizational objectives and the implementation of the long-term policy plan, advises the Council of Members on the contribution, budget, annual accounts and discharge:

  • Kim Schofaerts - Chairman Members Council
  • Richard Brabers - Vice-President Members Council
  • Ben Scharrenberg
  • Jack van Dyke
  • Frederick Fox

Guarantees the continuity of the Council of Members and ensures the right size (joining and resigning). Organizes the elections for (vice) chairman and the national elections for the Council of Members:

  • Marc Hendricks
  • Elske Galema
  • Dick Heukelom
The Governance committee operates on a project basis. She is involved, among other things, in applying and/or implementing the statutes and internal regulations, the connectivity of and between Nevi members and Members' Delegates or optimizing the working methods of the Council of Members itself.

As members of the committee:
  • Anne Wietske de Louw,
  • Willem van Schaik,
  • Ageeth Vieveen,
  • Andr√© Plattel,
  • Marco van der Heijden,
  • Marcel Bergenhenegouwen.
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