About Nevi

Nevi is the leading knowledge network for procurement, contract and supply management. We are committed to raising procurement to the next level for the benefit of individuals, organisations and society. 

Nevi exists for the benefit of everyone involved in the procurement profession. We gather insights from industry, the public sector, education and science, and share this knowledge through our powerful association of 7,000 professionals who encourage and inspire one another. 

We also provide targeted education and training , tools  and events  that enable you and your organisation to reach your highest potential. We follow organisations across borders with our range of education and training courses. Our extensive, international network of trainers ensures uniform delivery and alignment with the local culture.

Our direction 

Nevi offers you a broad perspective on your challenging professional field. We do this with a versatile range of services, with our income going directly back into the development of the profession. 

Our core activities 

Nevi has five core activities which we carry out with respect for the people around us, the environment, and individuals. This means that we devote a lot of attention to socially responsible procurement (maatschappelijk verantwoord inkopen, MVI). Our core activities are as follows:

Network and communities

Members and non-members can come into contact with one another at Nevi, in both Dutch and English. With a community of 12,000 procurement professionals, we have considerable clout. We believe that knowledge development and a large network of procurement professionals are helpful in the drive to advance. That’s why we organise conferences and networking meetings, and facilitate communities in which professionals can come into contact with each other. Read more about Network and communities

Education and training

We have a wide range of recognised Nevi diploma courses  and practice-oriented and up-to-date training programmes, masterclasses and courses . We regularly add new courses to our range. We also offer development programmes  for procurement departments and organisations. 


Nevi develops tools that support procurement professionals in their work. A tool is an aid that provides a means for solving operational, tactical and strategic issues. Tools help provide better insight and are efficient and effective where the investment of your time and money is concerned. View our tools.

Social themes

Nevi also works with other organisations on co-creation with respect to social themes and programmes. This makes us visible, enables us to create new opportunities for the professional group, and helps us to actively contribute to a better world from within the procurement profession. 

Education and research 

We invest in education and research with the aim of furthering the development of our profession. In this, we work closely with universities of applied sciences and research universities to create greater impact together. The Nevi Research Committee (NRC) stimulates scientific research and advances the quality, professionalisation and position of procurement.

Read in our brochure what Nevi can do for your organization.

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