What is category management?

In short, category management is the bundling of procurement. You divide the products to be purchased over categories that are assigned to a category manager. A category means all logically related goods and/or services. By bundling knowledge and expertise according to category, you can ensure a more consistent purchasing policy and maximise profit.

Category management has to do with strategic procurement of product packages and the associated collaboration. In practice, the focus is mainly on the product range in the relevant category and the corresponding offers. Category management is known by many names, such as commodity strategy development, category management, category strategy plan, category approach, and so on. This diversity of names demonstrates that category management is thriving!

Benefits of category management

  • Strategic opportunities: a category plan clarifies what the objectives are and how to achieve them. This offers the chance of even better strategic procurement.  
  • Efficiency: collaboration between all stakeholders in a category team means that clear agreements can be made (for example, about how information and knowledge are shared). This can save considerable time.
  • Cost savings: bundling procurement and purchasing jointly enables cost savings.
  • Insight: category management provides greater insight into spending, administration and the market.
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Category management training programmes and tools at Nevi

In-company training programmes 

Did you know that we can provide all of our training programmes in-company? You and your team can undertake category management training at your own location. This means you’ll not only be benefiting from the training, you’ll also be working on team building and saving on travel costs and time. Read more about our in-company training programmes.

Training programmes


KYOS - Commodity tool

Want to engage in procurement with the cutting edge of a stock trader? Manage your procurement risks with the Nevi-Kyos Commodity Tool.

  • Easy-access market information for analysing commodity prices
  • Day prices for base metals, Dutch energy, wheat, corn, sugar, cocoa and coffee
  • Templates for standard analyses and simulations
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