Health Proc Europe Association, EHPPA and Nevi join forces!

News 2 min 08 September 2021

We’re proud to announce that Health Proc Europe Association, EHPPA and Nevi have joined forces. Since the pandemic, hospital and healthcare procurement has taken on an unprecedented importance. That is why we have co-developed the first European Masterclass in hospital and healthcare procurement.

We will combine expertise, improve performance and provide participants with a strategic position in the European healthcare procurement market. Elisa Frenz, Managing Director at Health Proc Europe Association: “The pandemic has identified gaps and accelerated the need to explore opportunities in hospital and healthcare procurement; we’re excited to be at the leading edge”.

"Procurement is increasingly on the board's agenda. The healthcare sector is facing challenges to keep healthcare affordable. This is not only a Dutch problem but also affects healthcare in Europe. Therefore, not only the cooperation with procurement professionals in the Netherlands is important, but also the connection with procurement professionals all over Europe. Let's share knowledge and make healthcare stronger", says Maarten Bougie, Director Business Relations & Marketing at Nevi.

“Professional education and training in procurement is more than ever a necessity for the healthcare sector. Nevi can play a consolidating role by providing the procurement sector with professional concepts”, according to Danny Havenith, EHPPA Board Member. 
Jeroen Hulsman, Director Product Development & Operations at Nevi: “By connecting our networks, professionals, latest knowledge and insights from both healthcare and procurement in a tailored program, we want to make a concrete contribution to dealing with the challenges that the healthcare sector faces today.”

The masterclass, which will  takes place on November 25-26 in Zeist, The Netherlands has been co-developed by Prof. Dr. Frank Rozemeijer and Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz in cooperation with executives from HPE & EHPPA. The masterclass aims to upgrade the healthcare procurement competencies of participants in response to current challenges. Beyond the pandemic, the are already challenges on the horizon for hospital and healthcare buyers. For example: the ongoing persistent cost pressure, further intensified by corona and the digitalisation of procurement. Procurement in healthcare is gradually receiving the attention it has long had in other sectors. Seeing the opportunity in healthcare procurement as a game changer, our motivation was to pave the way together with hospital and healthcare buyers. That is why we have established the first European Masterclass in hospital and healthcare procurement.

Nevi and Healthcare
Healthcare is one of the key themes for Nevi. Together with it’s community of procurement professionals working in healthcare it aims for strengthening performance in the healthcare supply chain by encouraging and sharing the development of innovative, sustainable and healthcare-specific procurement solutions.

About Health Proc Europe Association
The European association of the buyers of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Although only founded in 2019, Health Proc Europe Association has become the largest healthcare procurement ecosystem in just two years. Our members represent 15 European countries with a purchasing volume of more than 25 billion € and approximately 5.000 European hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our members are high-ranking C-Suite procurement experts mainly from hospitals, and hospital logistic companies but also from pharmacy, software companies, lab service providers as well as digital experts and management consultants from the hospital and other healthcare fields.

The association of public procurement bodies representing 11 European countries. EHPPA members represent more than 2000 hospitals with a purchasing volume of more than 12 billion €. The focus of EHPPA in the coming years is to strengthen the position of the purchaser and the public procurement bodies, to promote joint cross-border European procurement and to decarbonise hospital supply chains.
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