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Digitizing a company or organization is an investment that pays for itself. Indeed by saving cost and time, from which then stem other advantages like better control, better insights into processes and better collaboration internally and externally – altogether leading to an increase in efficiency, resiliency, productivity and ROI.

We can safely assume that companies that have always ruled ahead and have already given shape to their digital transformation for a longer stretch of years all have increased productivity and competitiveness enormously. Others that perhaps considered digitization as ‘another risk’ however are now increasingly confronted with so-called ‘burning platforms’, which then become manifest in for example payment arrears with suppliers, late delivery of goods/services and/or non-compliance with contracts.

Digital transformation gives the procurement professional the space at last to make a better connection with the business and the suppliers and therefore to present a better procurement scorecard to all stakeholders. More they know about procurement value-add, better the engagement.
Andries Feikema, Global Director Procurement Transformation Royal DSM

Where to start, what to take into account first, what to prioritize to become most successful? Which are the critical performance indicators? Why?

If it your organization’s goal to follow up on trends affecting procurement, then first realize it’ll be a continuous process that includes technology changes, novel strategic approaches, new processes and necessary adaptations to yet another change - and another - after.


About the trainer

Andries Feikema is a Procurement and Supply Chain Management professional with over 25 years of global experience. He is a procurement digitalization, transformation, and change management leader with an international track record. He gained a profound experience in executive strategic procurement management and in senior procurement management leadership roles in both profit- and non-profit sector. 

Andries has changed brownfield and developed greenfield procurement organizations and numerous global cutting edge change management and ground-breaking procurement digitalization business transformation programs.

Andries Feikema

Andries Feikema

Global Director Procurement Transformation

Royal DSM


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