Procurement Program for Industry and FMCG

Do you want to make the best possible strategic choices in this field of influence? Join the five-day course on Procurement in Industry & FMCG now. In this Training you will learn the following:
  • The ability to identify real opportunities and possibilities in the chain, both internally and externally
  • Tools that enable you to immediately translate what you’ve learned into concrete actions in your business
  • The most up-to-date expertise for driving innovation: an optimised Value Chain that contributes to the business objectives and distinguishes you from your competitors

About this education

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As a procurement professional, you deal with demanding customers and a highly competitive sales market on a daily basis. The performance of your suppliers has a significant influence on customer satisfaction and your market position. Procurement is extremely important: your business performance depends directly on the performance of your suppliers. And you play a key role too, in effectively tackling the complex task of managing the procurement chain and maximising the benefit you get from it. You are also dependent on new technologies, changing market conditions, and specialist suppliers, all of which represent an ongoing challenge. Do you want to make the best possible strategic choices in this field of influence? If so, you can take advantage of the unique expertise offered by knowledge authority Nevi in the five-day course on Procurement in Industry & FMCG.

Further professional development

You’ve been working in procurement for a while, and now you want to develop further in your field. No matter whether you’re in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or FMCG, you’ll find the challenges are very similar. Where are the possible disruptions in the supply chain? What can you control yourself? How do you identify opportunities and possibilities, both internally and in the chain? And how do you seize those opportunities right away? The course both brings you up to date with the latest developments in procurement within the industry, and provides you with tools you can immediately put to use in practice. We focus specifically on the field of influence throughout the chain, and also on your role in the organisation as a whole. As a procurement professional, you’ll learn how to adopt a proactive, decisive attitude and connect internal and external forces.

Nevi’s profound insight into the market and the business provides the foundation to this fascinating learning process. We will use value chain mapping to demonstrate how disruptions arise in quality, logistics or delivery time, and how you can prevent this happening. You’ll learn to take a proactive stance in an end-2-end approach, focused on your many internal and external stakeholders. There are good returns to be achieved through this approach. For example, smart collaboration with engineers and product specialists is essential if you want to get the best out of the innovative opportunities offered by the market. This will enable you to make your contribution to the organisation more visible. The course also provides inspiration for innovation that enables you to strengthen your competitive position and reduce risks.

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Putting theory into practice

In your everyday work, you often find yourself putting out fires. This five-day course will give you the chance to reflect on structural solutions, creating opportunities for innovation, and strengthening collaborations. The theoretical knowledge that the course provides will help you to translate purposeful strategy into effective practice. You’ll learn to develop a vision for more effective procurement, based on business objectives. The in-depth tracks also cover the many practical challenges you encounter in your industry: complex chains with trade barriers, international legislation and regulations, incoterms and the risks and consequences associated with import duties. Each disruption in the supply chain affects customer satisfaction and business performance, so we also focus on optimising contingency planning. During the course, you’ll discover that there are many as yet unexploited opportunities in this area. Because it can often be a challenge to promote new insights to your stakeholders internally, we also cover outside-in thinking. This will put you in an even better position to assume your role and perform it effectively for the business and your suppliers, so that you immediately deliver added value.

For professionals in end-2-end procurement

This course is specifically aimed at procurement professionals in the industry who already have some years of experience behind them (mid-level) and who are now seeking to deepen their expertise in their field. Are you a procurement professional, product manager, sourcing manager or category manager, and would you like to gain the most up-to-date knowledge of and insights into end-2-end procurement?

If so, you’ll experience significant development in just a few days through taking this course. And the course also has much to offer to those who already have procurement experience from another branch and have recently switched to industry and FMCG. For larger companies with customized training programmes, this course provides the opportunity for individual employees to receive a knowledge booster.

The course is specifically aimed at professionals in industry and FMCG, including procurers and product, sourcing and category managers. It is essential that participants already have a number of years of experience in procurement processes. The curriculum also requires participants to possess education and experience at the higher professional education level. 

Nevi provides this intensive course in close consultation with knowledge partner SOLVINT, consultants in manufacturing and FMCG. This collaboration provides the perfect combination of in-depth procurement knowledge and real-world cases from the manufacturing industry.

Basic track (2 days)

The first half of the course is divided up into three equal parts consisting of theory, best practices and application/case studies.

  • Procurement evolution within industrial companies
  • Aligning the procurement plan with business & product chains
  • Smart sourcing and active benchmarking
  • Commodity risk management
  • Value chain mapping in practice
  • Increasing supplier impact through SRM
  • Supplier-enabled innovation

In-depth tracks (3 days)

In the second half of the course, we will take an in-depth approach to a challenging theme on each of the three days.

Day 1 – Procuring raw materials

  • Building scenarios and opportunities based on market knowledge
  • Managing opportunities and risks
  • Optimising ordering processes and frequencies

Day 2 – Procuring packaging

  • Structure of packaging and cost drivers
  • Applying insight and market intelligence to pricing scenarios
  • Optimising planning and procurement

Day 3 – Procuring transport

  • Modes of transport in relation to procurement
  • Cost factors in transport
  • Transport throughout the chain
  • Reverse logistics

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This course helps you to deal with recurring problems in your work, guides you towards innovation, and motivates you to seize opportunities. The course has a dynamic, interactive structure. Through current cases and best practices, you’ll find out how to bring your procurement chain to the next level. You’ll be working together in small groups with professionals who are at the same level as you and who encounter similar challenges to yours. This high-energy approach will provide you with a great deal of inspiration to take back to your own workplace.


The course consists of two parts: the basic track (2 course days), followed by the in-depth track (3 course days). All of the course days run from 09:30–17:00. You will receive an e-learning module that prepares you for the intensive course.

This training is also available in Dutch.

Also in-company

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Procurement Program for Industry and FMCG

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