Vested Executive Education Course

The Vested approach turns traditional buyer-supplier relationships on their head – creating a highly collaborative, purpose built relationship.

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In this Training you will learn the following

Go behind the scenes with real case studies that profile how leading companies are applying the Vested business model to create true win-win business relationships.
Answer the question – “Is Vested right for us?” by understanding the fundamental business
Learn how to use a diagnostic tool to guide your organization and stakeholders to also answer this question.
Begin to Shift from Theory to Practice with RealPlay® exercises designed to help you identifying structural flaws and creating a roadmap.
Create your own action plan for how you can begin to adopt a Vested business model in your organization.


This course helps attendees understand the paradigm shift and the “Five Rules” that are essential for moving from simply saying “strategic relationship” to actually creating a true win-win contract based on Nobel prize winning behavior economic principles. Attendees explore first-hand how the Vested business model can help them develop their own highly collaborative win-win strategic relationships. Attendees end the course by creating a personal action plan with the key steps to start their Vested journey.

Even if you don't intend to create a Vested agreement – you will walk away from this course with a practical, applied action plan to improve any relationship – no matter how big or small.

Practical Information

Methods of Instruction
This course provides a high touch environment for attendees to explore the Vested business model in more detail. Theclass size is limited to provide a rich experience where participants can interact with the initiators of the Vested business model. The program is designed to provide a balance of theory and practical application. The course is rich in real world examples with faculty members of the University of Tennessee sharing how organizations are successfully applying Vested to achieve transformational results.

The course uses interactive Real Play® sessions designed to help you put the Vested theory into practice. Participants start by identifying gaps in an existing agreement against the Vested benchmarks and the course ends with attendees creating an action plan for what needs to be done to shift your relationship to a Vested business model.

Course attendees are asked to complete six hours of pre-work prior to coming to the course:

  • Complete the Vested: Five Rules that Transform Business Relationship online course. This enables participants to understand the fundamentals of Vested prior to coming to the course, enabling rich interactive discussions and dedicated time to application of Vested through RealPlay exercises. Course tuition includes the online course (priced at €495 when taken separately). The online course can continue to be accessed as a refresher in the future. 
  • Complete three online self-assessments allowing participants to think about how to apply Vested in a real application. Assessments include the 10 Elements of a Vested Agreement, 10 behavioral “Ailments”, and a Readiness Assessment.

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