The procurement transformation webinar series

News 22 June 2020

A trilogy of webinars about transformation of and innovation in procurement!

A trilogy of webinars about transformation of and innovation in procurement! 

What impact will the coronavirus crisis have on the future and how can innovation and transformation help us to shape this future?

The Global Value Chains are ‘broken’ and it will take a while before they are restored. Every country has its own regulations for and means of compensating businesses. This will influence the market in the long term and will not create an equal, level playing field. How does this influence our Global Value Chains and how do we increase our independence and become a more flexible and digitally connected European sourcing and production network? We have developed a digital infrastructure which was desperately needed during this crisis. In the future there will be more pandemics and the transition we have started as a result of this one should continue. Innovation, transformation and digitalisation are keywords for businesses and therefore also in procurement.

In the coming three webinars, we will share our perspective on the urgent need for transformation of and innovation in procurement. 

Learn from peers & experts during these free webinars:

Part one: Design Thinking in Procurement, by Guido Stompff,  Lector/Professor of Design Thinking at Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Part two: Case DSM's Digital Procurement, by Andries Feikema,  DSM Global Director Procurement Transformation

Part three: Digitalisation, by Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, Nevi-professor Maastricht University

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