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Did you know that almost all of Nevi’s training programmes are also offered in the form of in-company training? You and your team, department or organisation can undertake training specifically tailored to suit the needs of your industry and organisation. Alternatively, you can tackle specific challenges with custom training. We offer the perfect blend of professional knowledge, personal development and process. 


  • Theory & cases aligned with your industry and organisation
  • Team development: enable employees to learn together with and from each other
  • In-company training is more economical for groups larger than five participants 
  • Choose the date and location yourself 
  • Also available in English

Make an appointment 

Need a custom in-company training or development programme? Then a personal appointment is the best way to proceed. We will clearly explain the various options available to you, based on your wishes. We’re also happy to talk about Nevi’s other services if you wish.

What is a in-company training? 

In-company training takes place on-site at your office or another location, on your chosen date. A group of participants follows an existing programme that is tailored to your industry and organisation. The advantage of in-company training is not only its practical focus, but also that it enables you to work on team building at the same time. So, it’s a win-win situation!

What is a customised training? 

You also follow a customised training programme on-site with your team or colleagues. The Nevi trainer develops a customised programme especially for your organisation. In mutual consultation, we determine the structure, content, desired output and goals of the customised training. Depending on the nature and scope of the programme we run through a number of clear steps to arrive at the best solution. Customised training programmes are also available in English!

Request a quote for in-company training

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