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Nevi Code of Conduct

It is essential for procurement professionals to behave with integrity. The Nevi Code of Conduct offers them tools for dealing with ethical dilemmas in the procurement process.

Ethical behaviour cannot be enforced by rules; instead, it is dependent on the specific context. The Nevi Code of Conduct offers tools for dealing with ethical dilemmas in the procurement process. Nevi assumes that its members both endorse and adhere to the Code.

Code of Conduct core values

Four core values underpin our Code of Conduct:

  1. Propriety in business dealings
  2. Expertise and objectivity
  3. Free competition
  4. Sustainability

The intention is for a procurement professional to be honest, reliable and show integrity, to act in accordance with professional standards, and to make decisions based on facts rather than personal interests. Those involved in the procurement process deserve equal opportunities and it is important to find a healthy balance between profitability, people and the environment. 

The Nevi Code of Conduct is the culmination of the four core values and consists of the following core themes:

  1. Legislation and regulations
  2. Individual interests
  3. Behaviour towards competitors
  4. Social responsibility

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Acting with integrity

In short, this means that procurement professionals display integrity, consistently try to behave in an ethically correct manner, and are open to learning and self-reflection. They take the relevant laws and regulations into account, show respect for honest competition, treat business partners fairly, and clearly separate business from personal interests. In addition, they protect trade and business secrets and remain aware of their position while using social media. They take responsibility for the environment and society.

Social code

The Code of Conduct is not only focused on the procurement professional. The procurement function is part of the organisation’s social activities. The Code of Conduct should therefore not only be discussed within the professional’s own organisation, but also with suppliers. Ideally, the Code of Conduct forms part of the broader social code that the business or organisation applies as a whole.

Dealing with ethical dilemmas

If you and your organisation would like to work on integrity issues in an open and interactive manner, we can help you with recognising and discussing ethical dilemmas. Contact one of our knowledge managers to arrange in-company training

Trouble resolving a dilemma?

In the event that your organisation is confronted with a dilemma for which it can’t find a solution, you have the option of seeking help from the Nevi Ethics Committee. For more information about the Committee, please send an e-mail to

Want to know more about acting with integrity?

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