About Nevi

Network and communities

We believe that knowledge development and access to an extensive network help procurement professionals to advance in their work. That’s why we organise conferences and networking meetings, and facilitate communities in which professionals can come into contact with each other. 

Nevi has been the leading knowledge network for procurement and contract and supply management since 1956. Right from the start, we make knowledge accessible to everyone involved in procurement and contract and supply management. To this end, we organise interesting events and proactively represent the interests of procurement professionals, particularly for our 7,000 members. 


Nevi’s members are divided into regional circles. There are also sections in which professionals working in a specific sector can come into contact with each other. Our Young Procurement Professionals (YPP) platform specifically focuses on a young target group. 

Inside Procurement

If you would like to come into direct contact with professional colleagues to discuss your question or issue, or to work together on relevant issues, then our online community Inside Procurement is the place to be. Currently only in Dutch, but you can contact Ed de Rochemont by email at

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