International courses

The NEVI Purspective portfolio integrates procurement knowledge, skills, professional behaviour and business impact to enable effective competence development in procurement. An overview of our English courses.


Advanced Negotiation

This program will equip professionals with the knowledge, skills and learning experiences to enable favorable outcomes within complex situations.

Advanced SRM

The Advanced Strategic Relationship Management program is aimed to enable key relationship managers inside your company. 


Collaborative Contracting Course

Strategic relationships require strategic contracts enabling you to go beyond “Getting to Yes”, and moving forward to a new negotiation paradigm that allows you to “Get to We”.  

Developing Purchasing Expertise

How to win the competitive battle for your company on basis of thorough preparation and a good understanding of the procurement tools available.

Financials & Cost Analysis

In this program, participants will gain understanding of the fundamentals of financials, the supplier’s pricing and how different cost elements contribute to the price.


Made in China!

How to (easily) set-up a succesful & sustainable supply chain in China.

MC Procurement Driven Supply Chain Optimization

Procurement decisions in the supply chain will have an effect on your company's financial KPIs. With proper knowledge and coordination of (procurement) decisions in the Supply Chain these costs

Negotiation Tactics

The Negotiation Tactics program focuses on the development of negotiation skills and appreciating the tactics available.


Sourcing Business Models

Looking for a new way to classify your supplier relationships and hands-on ways to structure your coöperation? Sourcing Business Models is the newest development in SRM to help you do this.

Strategic Cost Management

How to ensure long-term profitability and survival of your company.


Vested Executive Education Course

The Vested approach turns traditional buyer-supplier relationships on their head – creating a highly collaborative, purpose built relationship.

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