Public Sustainability Program

Public Sustainability Program

Public Sustainability Program

Be assured of the effectiveness of your sustainable procurement practices! This online platform enables local and central government authorities to improve the sustainability of their policies, procurement and services.

  • A practical took that contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • A Sustainability dashboard for your organisation and an overall Residents Satisfaction Score
  • Insight into your circular footprint, your score on CO2 reduction, energy consumption and your circular procurement

How do I ensure the sustainability of my procurement practices? As a public organisation, what can I ask (and perhaps not ask) of the market? And what role does procurement play in my organisation’s sustainability goals? Public procurement is increasingly being faced with these questions. Citizens expect the government to take the lead and also expect a results-focused, sustainable government. The 2030 global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) demand immediate action.

The Public Sustainability Programme enables local and central government authorities such as municipalities, provinces, water boards and the central government to make their policies, procurement and services sustainable. It also helps to optimise sustainable procurement, select sustainable suppliers and contribute to the SDGs.

Practical information

We all want to practice effective sustainability. But how do you navigate around the numerous certifications and labels, and what are they actually worth? How can you be certain that a trading partner really is operating responsibly? And when it comes right down to it, how sustainable is your own organisation?

The Public Sustainability Programme is applied by government authorities to make their policies, procurement and services sustainable. If you participate, you can rate existing and potential suppliers on their sustainability KPIs and measure products and projects on their circularity, health and environmental effects. You can follow these performances over time, enabling you to maintain the sustainability of your procurement and contracting. You’ll receive all the information about suppliers in one place, in a single, clearly laid out format.


By running through the whole programme, you can complete your organisation’s sustainability dashboard. You will be able to see your circular footprint, your score on CO2 reduction, energy consumption and the extent of your socially responsible and circular procurement. This will then be used to calculate the Residents Satisfaction Score.  In this way, you will be able to demonstrate your sustainability as a public organisation to all of your stakeholders, such as residents, suppliers, investors, companies, etc.


The price for using the Public Sustainability Programme depends on the number of residents in your municipality or province. By filling in the form, you will receive the National Sustainability Institute URL from Nevi that enables you to register with the Public Sustainability Programme. You will then also be able to see what the annual rate is for your organisation. By gaining access this way, you will receive a 5% discount for your first year of participation. Invoicing is done via the National Sustainability Institute. 

More information? 

For more information about participation in the Public Sustainability Programme, please contact Maurice van Helden.

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