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Given the current supply issues (shortage of raw materials, long lead times, price increases, container issues, etc.), working together and negotiating with suppliers in the right way is becoming increasingly important. Despite the focus on price, getting products and raw materials delivered is of great importance.

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About this event

This means that negotiations must be properly prepared and negotiated in the right way, appropriate to the nature of the relationship and the importance of what is being procured. During the COVID crisis, many organizations have gained more insight into the nature of contracts and collaborations. As a result, the importance of the right contracts in which agreements are appropriately laid down has become increasingly important.

Effective negotiation with suppliers has become critical to the success of procurement. Leading procurement professionals use negotiation techniques to achieve their individual KPIs and their organization’s goals. Negotiation is employed to drive cost savings. And to add further business value by increasing quality, sustainability and innovation or by reducing supply risk, lead times and internal costs.

Where possible and appropriate, procurement will use negotiation to strategically collaborate with suppliers (other stakeholders) to achieve win-win outcomes. Otherwise, they will leverage power by employing various negotiation tactics. This webinar, and subsequent trainings, will introduce and practice key negotiation concepts. From the preparation phase to negotiation closing and all that lies in betwe


  • Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Reducing risks
  • Win-win outcomes

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Presentation Sean Sidney, director at Virtual Dolphins Ltd and trainer at Nevi 

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