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In these extraordinary times, the way in which we learn and develop is also undergoing dramatic changes. We want to help you continue to learn from your own home.

Special offer on e-learnings – for a limited period only In this period of uncertainty most of us have to stay at home and try to make the best of the situation. That is why, for a limited period only,* Nevi and its international knowledge partner Procurement Academy are offering nine great e-learning masterclasses and two miniclasses, completely online and on demand, at an attractive low price. In 3 to 7 hours of study time, you can improve your knowledge of current procurement issues efficiently, wherever and whenever you want. As soon as you register, you will receive access to the materials within 2 working days. Once your access begins, you can consult the e-learning materials on demand for a period of three months.

*This offer ends on 30 June 2020.

Masterclasses and miniclasses

This special offer includes nine masterclasses and two miniclasses. The difference between these two categories is the study time that they require. Completing a masterclass will take approximately 6 hours, compared to approximately 3 hours for a miniclass. You take the masterclass or miniclass completely independently, at the pace that suits you.

All masterclasses are comprised of courses, microlearnings and simulations. The courses examine the theory using videos that feature recognisable, practical examples. The microlearnings involve doing a brief assignment in which you will quickly arrive at new insights. In the simulations, you apply what you have learned.

The miniclasses consist completely of courses.


Until 30 June 2020, these masterclasses cost €199 each (excl. VAT). Miniclasses cost €90 each (excl. VAT). The 11 different subjects can be ordered individually. This means you can look at the different subjects and decide on the areas that interest you most and in which you would like to develop. You can also order combinations of subjects.


To give you an impression of what these e-learnings are like, we have selected three examples that show part of a course.

Watch the video: Handling difficult questions

Watch the video: The bias effect

Watch the video: Category management

E-learning special offer

Full details of each e-learning and how to register are given below. Don’t delay – take advantage of this great special offer now!



Advanced Negotiations E-Learning

Learn to employ concepts such as biases in negotiations and game theory to expand your negotiations skills.


Category Management E-Learning

This extensive class will teach and embed world-class category management content.


Contract Management E-Learning

Making great contracts is one thing, there is more money to be won in managing your suppliers well.


Cost Management E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should have a good understanding about total cost management. 


Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should understand financial terms and be able to interpret financial documents and ratios.


Legal E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should have sufficient knowledge to deal with legal issues in procurement. 


Measuring Procurement E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should be able to measure savings, cost avoidance and Value Beyond Cost Reduction, and more.


Sourcing Advanced Level E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should be able to manage and effectively perform a sourcing process. 


Sourcing Fundamental E-Learning

Learn about the procurement process, learn the impact of influencing specifications & how to jointly develop them with stakeholders, and much more.


Stakeholder Management E-Learning

You will learn about how to sell procurement as a business partner, what is stakeholder management and how to challenge specifications of stakeholders.


Winning Negotiation E-Learning

Learn about win-win/win-lose negotiations, your negotiation style, planning, opening, issues to trade, batna, and much more.

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