YPP: The Circular Procurement Game

Boost your potential as a Young Procurement Professional!

Tijdens dit event komt het volgende aan bod:

Experience the internal and external interest for starting a circular purchasing process
Practical tools to get started with circular procurement
Powered by Phi Factory and Enexis

Circular procurement

Together with Phi factory and Enexis we organize an interactive event about circular procurement on September 12th 2019. During this event you will experience in a playful way the different, sometimes conflicting, internal and external interests when starting a circular purchasing process. How do you deal with and overcome these different interests and how do you turn your procurement project into a success story? This event enables participants to take a step towards circular purchasing in a new way. Knowledge is shared, ambitions are formulated and obstacles are identified, supported by industry experts. After this event you will have practical tools to get started with circular procurement, regardless of your position within the organization! 


Meet us at Enexis in Zwolle and contribute to the growth of circular procurement and the awareness of sustainable procurement within organizations.

You can register on the website of Young Procurement Professionals. To register, click here.

*Please note that the Circular Procurement Game is in Dutch!

Praktische informatie

YPP is a network for young professionals up to the age of 35 working or interested in the field of procurement and supply management. This could be either in profit or not-for-profit organizations, and also students and PhD’s are welcome. YPP is affiliated to NEVI. If you like to know more about us or if you have suggestions or questions, please send us an email via ypp.youngprocurement@gmail.com

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