Young Procurement Professionals Congres 2018

The future disruption and a future proof procurement function is central to the annual Young Procurement Professionals conference on November 9, 2018.

Tijdens dit event komt het volgende aan bod:

Predictive analytics
Should Cost Analysis
Robotics & P2P
Crowd based sourcing
Profiles of the future

Why you cannot miss this years conference:

During this event you will have the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts how they look at the future of procurement for the next decades and more important how you can make sure you are part of it.

For the morning program we have arranged some inspiring key-note speakers. After lunch we will continue with some break out sessions followed by a group discussions about how our generation looks towards the future of procurement and which skills we should develop to boost our potential.

Future of procurement

Digitization is part of every day’s business for many organizations. Procurement professionals around the world stand on the threshold of a new age. The old paradigm of cost reduction and cost efficiency is drawing to a close. New and revolutionary concepts are spinning from the frenzied technological leaps of our time; especially in digital trans¬formation. In this dynamic, complex and disruptive era, procurement leaders and experts the world over are searching for a secure, successful future.

Procurement as we know it will not exist in the future at all. It’s not the question if procurement will undergo a radical reform, but when. Robots and algorithms will increasingly determine procurement processes. There is no longer one future on the horizon, at least not from a current vantage point. Purchasing experts generally outline four possible scenarios when it comes to the future of procurement: ‘R.I.P. Procurement', ’Procurement Primacy’, ‘World of Project Economy’ and ‘The Creative Agency’. These scenarios help to determine the specific consequences for the individual purchasing situation of organizations.

In collaboration with KPMG

The future disruption and a future proof procurement function is central to the annual Young Procurement Professionals conference on November 9, 2018. YPP organizes the conference this year in collaboration with KPMG Advisory. During the conference a number of procurement experts ill share their vision on the future course of procurement. 

About Young Procurement Professionals

Young Procurement Professionals (YPP) is a network of young talents with a drive for purchasing and supply management. We are an interactive network in which young people can meet others to share experiences, knowledge, and meet leaders of today and the future. A couple times per year we organize events. 

Praktische informatie

The conference:
- Subject: Future Proof Procurement
- Partner: KPMG
- Website:
- Visitors: Young Procurement Professionals (up to 35 years)
- Size: 100 to 150 Young Procurement Professional
- Price: €49,50

Where and When:
- When:                09:00 – 17:00 November 9, 2018
- Where               KPMG Amstelveen, Laan van Langerhuize 1

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