Winning Negotiation E-Learning

Learn about win-win/win-lose negotiations, your negotiation style, planning, opening, issues to trade, batna, and much more.

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The ABC’s of negotiations based on Harvard methodology, dedicated to buyers. A must have class for every buyer from junior to senior level. Learn about win-win/win-lose negotiations, your negotiation style, planning, opening, issues to trade, zopa, batna, closing a negotation and much more.

Winning Negotiation E-Learning

At present there are no dates planned or scheduled sessions are full. If you are interested, please contact 088 330 0700 or via Nevi info@nevi.nl.

Seat time

4 hours.


For all procurement staff.


This masterclass contains 6 courses, 2 microlearnings and 3 simulations.


  • Win Win Lose Negotiation
  • Negotiation Preparation
  • How to open a Negotiation
  • How to bargain
  • Closing a Negotiation
  • Negotiation Tips


  • Critical Issues


  • Negotiation Preparation
  • Conducting the Negotiation
  • Negotiation Serious Game 

Please note: You can book this e-learning course until 30 September 2020. Once you’ve received access to the e-learning course, you have three months to do it. For example, if your e-learning course commences on 14 September, you have until 14 December to complete it. After that, your access link will expire.

Winning Negotiation E-Learning