Next level supplier relationship management

Become a customer of choice and improve supplier satisfaction by realizing cost savings and innovation. Enroll now for the training supplier relationship management with suPlay! In this training you will learn the following: 
  • Knowledge of cost-optimization strategies
  • Skills to maximize supplier satisfaction and loyalty
  • Insights in innovation management

About this training

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At the moment it is not possible to order this product. For more information, please contact us via 088-3300700.

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What is the training supplier relationship management with suPlay?

SuPlay is a scientifically based procurement training method for professional purchasers in the form of a serious game. Based on various procurement strategies combined with project objectives and direct competition from other participants, the game provides purchasers with structural challenges.

Learn which procurement optimization strategies work, and why. Discover how supplier satisfaction can take you to a leading position in innovation management. Supplier satisfaction helps retain good suppliers in the long term and optimize costs in parallel. 

For whom is the training next level supplier relationship management with suPlay?

This training is relevant for commodity buyers, commodity managers, supplier relationship managers and category managers.

Next level supplier relationship management

At present there are no dates planned or scheduled sessions are full. If you are interested, please contact 088 330 0700 or via Nevi info@nevi.nl.

What do I learn during the training Next level supplier relationship management?

  • Cost-optimisation tactics:
    Training and practice of the lever analysis method: cost savings by systematic and comprehensive identification of savings potential. Learn how to run cross-functional lever workshops or apply the method stand-alone.
  • Suppliers satisfaction module:
    A good relation with suppliers has been found to be pivotal to better prices and privileged deliveries, as well as being pivotal in increasing the likelihood of suppliers to co-operate in innovation. The supplier relationship management training introduces how to recognize, improve and benefit from supplier satisfaction.
  • Innovation module:
    Increasingly, buyers have the task of exploiting their suppliers' innovation potential. This module trains how it works to get innovations from and with suppliers.


Day 1

10:00 Welcome and introduction of hosts prof. dr. Holger Schiele and dr. Frederik Vos & suPlay
10:30 Introduction to the game and
11:00 Gameplay round 1: Strategy development and first year
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Training on supplier satisfaction & preferred customer
15:00 Gameplay round 2: Preferred customer logic
17:00 Analysis of the game & debriefing
19:00 Dinner together (optional)

Day 2

09:00 Training on sourcing levers: achieve cost savings and increase value
10:30 Gameplay round 3: Applying the sourcing levers
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Training on innovation
13:45 Gameplay round 4: Innovation
15:15 Analysis of the game, debriefing & award ceremony
16:00 End of the workshop


A unique business procurement training method developed at the University of Twente, in which purchasers practice and develop indispensable skills.

The game takes place in a brewery and players start out as Junior Buyer Packaging. Under professional supervision, the participants develop to the level of CPO within five rounds, with each round being carefully developed. New workouts, in-game applications and a feedback round enable participants to become final decision-makers with extensive powers. The combination of various purchasing strategies and real competition between the different participants results in a dynamic and realistic playing field in which leadership, teamwork and decision-making are indispensable.


The course is given in English.

Also in-company

We also organize this training in-company. Want to know more about an in-company training or development programme with Nevi? Feel free to contact us


Frederik Vos

Frederik Vos

Assistant professor at University of Twente and senior consultant at Significant

Holger Schiele

Holger Schiele

Professor of Technology Management: Innovation of purchasing, production and logistics - University of Twente


Next level supplier relationship management

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