Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should understand financial terms and be able to interpret financial documents and ratios.

About this training

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Improve your knowledge about Finance for Non Finance. You take the masterclass completely independently, at the pace that suits you.

Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

Seat time 

4 – 16 hours.


For all procurement staff.


This masterclass contains 6 courses, 2 microlearnings and 7 simulations.


  • Reading the Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Profit & Loss Account
  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios
  • Quiz on Return on Total Assets (ROTA)


  • Financial Ratios
  • Using ROTA


  • Financial Impact of Large Purchases
  • Evaluate Supplier Financial Stability
  • Payment Terms
  • Evaluating Supplier Financials – Part 1
  • Evaluating Supplier Financials – Part 2
  • Working Capital
  • Reading a Supplier’s Balance Sheet

Please note: Once you’ve received access to the e-learning course, you have three months to do it. After that, your access link will expire. 

Finance for Non Finance E-Learning