Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

After taking this course, learners should understand financial terms and be able to interpret financial documents and ratios.


Improve your knowledge about Finance for Non Finance. You take the masterclass completely independently, at the pace that suits you.

Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

Seat time 

4 – 16 hours.


For all procurement staff.


This masterclass contains 6 courses, 2 microlearnings and 7 simulations.


  • Reading the Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Profit & Loss Account
  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios
  • Quiz on Return on Total Assets (ROTA)


  • Financial Ratios
  • Using ROTA


  • Financial Impact of Large Purchases
  • Evaluate Supplier Financial Stability
  • Payment Terms
  • Evaluating Supplier Financials – Part 1
  • Evaluating Supplier Financials – Part 2
  • Working Capital
  • Reading a Supplier’s Balance Sheet

Please note: Once you’ve received access to the e-learning course, you have three months to do it. After that, your access link will expire. 

Finance for Non Finance E-Learning

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