Contract Management E-Learning

Learn how to effectively build relationships and manage contracts with this online contract management training.

Masterclass - Online Contract Management Training

Contract management or supplier performance management is about how we manage our suppliers to ensure they deliver upon their promises. Thus after the contract has been signed. Contract Management has become a formal role within mature procurement organizations. This online contract management training will help you realize that making great contracts is one thing, there is more money to be won in managing your suppliers well.

Contract Management E-Learning

Seat time

5 – 20 hours.


Intermediate – advanced.

Contract management courses

This masterclass contains 7 courses, 2 microlearnings and 6 simulations.


  • Introduction to Contract Management
  • Corporate Governance of Contract Management, part 1
  • Corporate Governance of Contract Management, part 2
  • Contract Management in practice
  • Contract Management – Supplier Development
  • SLA or Service Level Agreement
  • Contract Management


  • Segment Suppliers to Prioritize Supplier Management Effort
  • PDCA


  • Supplier Development, Part I
  • Supplier Development, Part II
  • PDCA
  • Contract Management
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Please note: Once you’ve received access to the e-learning course, you have three months to do it. After that, your access link will expire. 

Contract Management E-Learning

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