Business Negotiation in a Virtual World

The negotiation tactics program focuses on the development of negotiation skills in a virtual  world. Based on the negotiation style, participants will learn to use various styles depending on the situation - online and face to face. In this training you will learn the following:
  • Understand negotiation virtual dynamics and how to prepare for uncertainty
  • Critical dealmaking skills directly from remote workspace
  • Understand your negotiation power and how to boost your power in virtual negotiations

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Success comes with setting clear and ambitious goals for oneself and the organization, and then having the ability to persuade others to agree and to want to achieve them. Negotiation is a process to reach that agreement. Almost every event in business and domestic life can present the situation where your point of view is different from the other’s party – so it’s up to you to be able to get them round to your way of thinking. To guarantee success and accomplishment in your role, you must be proficient in negotiations.

In these challenging times, up-skilling is ever more critical. The training Business negotiation in a virtual world training, like most business interactions, is now online. And to negotiate virtually, it’s great to learn virtually.

To overcome virtual trainings engagement challenges, we:

  • structure the program around our proven face to face classroom concepts and style
  • deliver this programma in just one month ensuring  high participant engagement both during and after the training course 
  • keep sessions short and sharp (4 x 180 minute sessions including breaks )
  • use interactive, user friendly and reliable software package
  • partner our expert trainers with highly skilled Virtual Engagers (VEs) to ensure participants are fully supported and energized throughout the program 
  • Based our learning  journey on a proven concept delivered and facilitated by a trainer and facilitator

The programme will be of interest to (procurement) business professionals (both tactical & strategic level) who want to improve their business results and want to expand their knowledge, strategy, and experience with (virtual) negotiation.

Business Negotiation in a Virtual World

At present there are no dates planned or scheduled sessions are full. If you are interested, please contact 088 330 0700 or via Nevi info@nevi.nl.


To deliver this business enhancing performance, this  training program is built on 4 key pillars:

  • engaged learning
  • powerful, yet easily applied concepts
  • learning by doing
  • full support before, during and after the training

In particular, we make the program highly interactive, by using:

  • activities: role-plays, business cases, team exercises, breakout rooms, personal and peer feedback
  • in-class connection: plenary discussions, polls, chat boxes, screen sharing, iPad flipcharts, virtual whiteboards
  • video: movie clips, pre-topic videos, participant selfie videos, participant negotiations
  • social media: WhatsApp groups, ask the trainer and ask the VE


  • Questionnaire
  • Introductory kick-off video
  • Connect with trainer, VE and other participants
  • Prepare for negotiation exercise

Session 1a

  • Negotiation preparation case
  • Objectives and alternatives
  • BATNA, Walk Away, WOW, LIM & ZOPA, Hide & Seek
  • Inter-session break (30 min)

Session 1b

  • Variables to create/capture value
  • Questioning and listening
  • Body language
  • Inter-session homework
  • Prepare for role-play
  • Execute role-play (with other participant)
  • Watch role-play video fedback tips
  • Discuss feedback (with other participant)
  • Negotiation toolkit exercise

Session 2A

  • Managing movement
  • Managing emotion
  • Managing threats
  • Inter-session break (30 min)

Session 2b

  • Negotiating tactics
  • Controlling time
  • Utilising teams
  • Inter-session homework
  • Share key learnings 
  • Prepare role-play
  • Pre-session topic videos (including negotiation process)

Session  3 & 4

  • Team role-play (preparation, execution and feedback)
  • Close (key learnings and next steps)


  • Share personal action plans
  • Certificates
  • Connect to participants’ learning paths

Post-work opportunity

  • Prepare for role-play (alone)
  • Execute role-play (with other participant)
  • Watch role-play video feedback tips


This course is given in English.


Virtual training, no location needed!

Also in-company

We also organize this training in-company. Want to know more about an in-company training or development programme with Nevi? Feel free to contact us

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Sean Sidney

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Business Negotiation in a Virtual World

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