Advanced Negotiations E-Learning

In order to excel in any business, negotiation is essential. During this advanced online negotiation course you will master skills that will help you close deals and resolve differences.

Masterclass - Online negotiation training

For those with seasoned negotiation experience, or as a follow up to our Winning Negotiations Class, take your skills to the next level. In this online negotiation training you will learn to employ concepts such as biases in negotiations and game theory to expand your negotiations skills.

Advanced Negotiations E-Learning

Seat time

4 – 16 hours (teaching same content in class would typically take 2 classroom days).


Intermediate – advanced.

The negotiation microclasses and courses

This masterclass contains 3 microclasses. Each microclass countains 1 or more courses and simulations.

1. MicroClass Game Theory

  • Course Game Theory
  • Simulation Game Theory
  • MicroClass Bias in Negotiations

2. Course Biases in Negotiations part 1

  • Course Biases in Negotiations part 2
  • Simulation Avoid bias in a decommissioning negotiation
  • Simulation Use cognitive bias in your favor

3. MicroClass Using Emotional Intelligence to influence stakeholders & suppliers

  • Course Using NLP to influence stakeholders part 1
  • Course Using NLP to influence stakeholders part 2
  • Simulation NLP Improve yourself
  • Simulation NLP Resolve Conflict
  • Simulation NLP Influence Others

Please note: Once you’ve received access to the e-learning course, you have three months to do it. After that, your access link will expire.

Advanced Negotiations E-Learning

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