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Rapid decision-making and member participation are essential to responding alertly to developments in the market and our profession. The Members Council unites both factors and aligns effectively with an enterprising association by and for members.

Our members are a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Procurement is our shared passion and social bond. The developments in the market and our profession require our knowledge and involvement. Rapid decision-making and member participation are necessary if we are to respond alertly to these developments. The Members Council meets at least twice per year and consists of up to 40 members. A number of these members are elected every two years.


The Members Council consists of a number of committees:

The Policy and Finance Committee 

Monitors organisation objectives and the execution of the long-term policy plan, advises the Members Council about the contribution, budget, annual accounts and discharge.

  • Douwe van de Goorberg
  • Dick Heukelom
  • Wietze Zwerver
  • Ben Scharrenberg
  • Herman Top
  • Hans Verschoor
  • Frederik Vos
  • Jacco van Dijk
  • Raymond Enkt

Continuity Committee 

Guarantees the continuity of the Members Council and supervises its scope in terms of joining and resigning of members. Organises the elections for the Chair and Deputy Chair as well as the national Members Council elections.

  • Richard Brabers
  • Mirella Drentje
  • Marc Hendricks
  • Netty Salentijn

Communication Committee

Is responsible for communications between the Members Council and all stakeholders involved.

  • Willem van Schaik
  • Thijs Moonen
  • Sophia Cheung
  • Erik Kroeze

Statutes Committee

Ensures coherence between the various statutes.

  • Alex Buursema
  • Egbert van Binsbergen
  • Kim Schofaerts
  • Ageeth Vieveen
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