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These extraordinary times have changed the way we learn and develop. With these e-learning courses, we help you continue learning from home.

Special offer on e-learning courses

These uncertain times mean we’re at home much more, and have to make the best of this together. That’s why Nevi, in conjunction with international development partner Procurement Academy, is offering excellent e-learning masterclasses at a low price. The courses are completely online and on demand! In 3 to 7 hours of study time, you can improve your knowledge of current procurement topics efficiently, wherever and whenever you want. Within two days following registration, you will receive access to the online learning material. You will then have three months to complete the e-learning course.

Please note: These e-learning courses are all in English.

Masterclasses and miniclasses

Our range includes masterclasses and miniclasses. The difference between the two is in the amount of time they take. Completing a masterclass will take approximately six hours, compared to approximately three hours for a miniclass. You take the masterclass or miniclass completely independently, at the pace that suits you.

All masterclasses are comprised of courses, microlearning components and simulations. The courses examine the theory using videos that feature recognisable, practical examples. The microlearning components involve doing a brief assignment that enables you to quickly arrive at new insights. In the simulations, you apply what you have learned. The miniclasses consist completely of courses.


These masterclasses cost € 199 each (excl. VAT). Miniclasses cost € 90 each (excl. VAT). The various e-learning courses can be ordered individually. This means you can look at the different subjects and decide on the areas that interest you the most and in which you would like to develop. You can also order combinations of subjects. 

Examples from e-learning courses

To give you an impression of what these e-learning courses are like, we have selected three examples that show part of a course.

Overview of e-learning courses

Full details of each e-learning course and how to register are provided here.

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