Negotiation is an essential skill for every procurement professional. Being an effective negotiator therefore gives you a significant advantage in the profession.

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Procurement professionals spend around 20% of their work time on preparing and carrying out negotiations with supplier representatives. They also discuss or negotiate internally within their own organisation. A good procurement professional therefore also needs to be an effective negotiator. After undertaking training, negotiation will be a breeze for you!

The aim of negotiation

The objective of effective negotiation is to work together with the other party to establish a proposal that is acceptable for both parties. In doing so, negotiators need to bear in mind the starting points and relative power positions. In negotiations, you will have to deal with a large number of variables including price, quantity, quality, service, contract duration, delivery schedule, discount level, payment terms, extras, guarantees and aftersales support. 

Negotiation techniques

No matter what level you’re operating at, it’s important for every procurement professional to have the right information at their fingertips. It is also important to apply this information effectively during the negotiation. An effective negotiator must be able to structure the conversation and make use of the appropriate tactics. In other words, negotiation is a complex matter. If you are well prepared for every negotiation and have confidence in your skills, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. At Nevi, we can help you in this with our range of negotiation training programmes.

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Negotiation training programmes and tools at Nevi

Negotiation training at Nevi

Many of Nevi’s training programmes cover negotiation. The training programme Applying game theory in procurement focuses specifically on negotiation and is therefore ideal for procurement professionals who wish to improve their negotiation skills. At the start of each programme, we list appropriate learning goals together.

Why undertake negotiation training with Nevi?

  • More than 60 years of experience
  • One of the largest procurement associations in the world
  • Trainers are experts in the field and come directly from the practice
  • Knowledge of the most important socio-politically desirable themes
  • State-of-the-art education and training programmes

In-company training programmes

Did you know that we can provide all of our training programmes in-company? You and your team can undertake negotiation training at your own location. This means you’ll not only be benefiting from the training, you’ll also be working on team building and saving on travel costs and time. Read more about our in-company training programmes.

Training programmes

Applying Game Theory in Negotiations

2 days

  • Why the application of game theory can yield much better negotiation outcomes compared to traditional negotiations, on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) basis
  • Gain insights into auction methods and when and how to best use them
  • How to create a rule-based sourcing process through a number of real-life case studies
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