Meetup: Interest Group Managing Purchasing Risk

Nevi & University of Groningen (RUG) present three identical online brainstorming sessions via Microsoft Teams on the 16th of October, 21st of October and 23rd of October 2020.
  • Interest group on risk management in and by purchasing 
  • Identifying and exploring possible common problems across organizations

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What can we do? Can you deal with the unpredictable?

Managing risks is without doubt one of the top priorities of organizations. It has been shown, that most risk that lead to disruptions in supply, originate from the first tier supplier. Hence, purchasing plays an important role in managing risks and building resilience in your supply chain and operations. 

Nevi and University of Groningen (RUG) would like to create an interest group on risk management in and by purchasing. The idea is to identify and explore possible common problems across organizations, to share experiences and create new knowledge and insights regarding these problems by, for example, doing research. Common themes might for example relate to (but are of course not limited to) causes for disruptions such as supplier bankruptcy or the Corona Virus; consequences of a disruption such as shortages in raw material; origins of a disruption such as a first or second tier supplier or the market; or measures to take be better prepared for a disruption and reduce its impact.

With this interest group we aim to:

  • Exchange knowledge on best practice in risk management in and by purchasing across industries (preventive strategies, avoiding and reducing damage);
  • Benchmark best practices in risk management in and by purchasing against other organizations (in other industries);
  • Learn from past disruptions and (un)successful actions in recovery of others to be better prepared for the future;
  • Help to ensure that the right risks are managed;
  • Create opportunities by managing risks ahead of time (recognize signals);
  • Understand the cross-functional nature of risk management in and by purchasing e.g., involvement of purchasing in demand side disruptions? 

We would like to invite you for the first brainstorming session for this interest group. In this meeting, we strive to identify such ‘problem themes’ and explore options for solution generation. Doing research and investigating some of the problems in-depth and across organizations could be one way to gain insights. We will explain more of about this option in the meeting as well. 

Practical Information

Are you a (Senior) Supply Chain or a Purchasing Manager in the private sector? We would like to invite you to sign up for one of the three sessions on October 16th, October 21st or October 23rd. The content of the sessions is exactly the same. 

A rough program for each session: 
14:00 Introduction of participants (background, why are you here/ what do you aim to get out of the meetings), Introduction dr. Kirstin Scholten and Prof. dr. Manda Broekhuis (University of Groningen), Introduction Break out sessions
14:30 Break out session 1 (establish common interests/ questions, knowledge and experience sharing areas)
14:50 Break
15:00 Discuss break out session 1
15:15 Break out session 2 (establish common interests/ questions, knowledge and experience sharing areas)
15:35 Break
15:45 Discuss break out session 2
16:00 Final discussion: where do we go from here, what are future options?


Please sign up via the 'Inschrijven voor dit Evenement' button. We would like to ask you to also send an email to, to sign up for the date of choice. Additionally, Nevi will facilitate this interest group by creating a online Community. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to Kirstin Scholten ( or

We look forward to meeting you and exploring risks management in and by purchasing together with you!

Dr. Kirstin Scholten and Prof. dr. Manda Broekhuis
Department of Operations, University of Groningen

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