Tactical Negotiation

During this in-company training course, your team will learn effective negotiation techniques that create added value for your organization.

Adding value through effective negotiation techniques

The secret of effective negotiation is that not only the negotiation itself is valuable; the entire negotiation process is important. This in-company training course covers everything you need to know about effective negotiation, from thorough preparation to attentive aftercare. You’ll experience the value of this training in the very first negotiation you carry out after completing the course.

In this training you will learn the following:

  • Developing a team vision on negotiation for your organisation

  • Insight into each team member’s personal negotiation style and the improvements they make

  • Understanding and appreciation of the value of effective negotiation

  • Developing a clear idea of the entire negotiation process

  • Gaining knowledge of the variety of negotiation techniques available to you for use in a wide range of situations requiring negotiation

  • Growing confidence through more effective preparation

  • Practical tools and insights for dealing with ‘tough’ salespeople

  • A simple, unified approach for and by everyone in your organisation involved in the negotiation process

Why opt for in-company training?

The in-company training course ‘Tactical Negotiation’ is a course tailored specifically to suit the needs of your whole team of procurement professionals and any others involved with negotiation in your organisation. Organisations set themselves ambitious goals with the aim of improving their performance and success. This in-company training course is interactive and focuses on the learning objectives of the individual participants and the organisation’s team as a whole. The programme is tailored to suit the company’s needs with respect to developing negotiation skills and gaining insight into the available tactics and techniques. In-company training courses are offered in both Dutch and English.

Who is the Tactical Negotiation course for?

Are the professionals in your company keen to take the organisation to the next level? Is your company focused on value creation in the chain, or are you looking to save on costs and want to motivate other professionals within the organisation to participate in achieving this goal? This in-company training course builds connections between the various procurement disciplines within your organisation.

The course is aimed at procurement professionals, contract managers, supply managers, category managers and others in your organisation who are involved in the negotiation process. The goal is to improve negotiation skills throughout your organisation, from preparation to aftercare. In addition, you can expand your range of useful negotiation techniques to increase the effectiveness of your team within the organisation.

Which subjects will be covered?

The course starts with a selection of e-learning modules that are taken prior to the training days. There is a clear structure to the two training days; you will be working step by step on simple to challenging cases, and will ultimately participate in a final role play that enables you to apply everything you’ve learned.

The following subjects will be covered during the two training days:

  1. Introduction to the negotiation process
  2. Principles of negotiation (such as the Harvard Negotiation Project principles)
  3. Negotiation preparation and planning
  4. Negotiation strategy
  5. Negotiation skills
  6. Negotiation tactics
  7. Personal action plan

Why Nevi?

Procurement and negotiation are in Nevi’s DNA. Nevi has been the leading knowledge network for procurement, supply and contract management for more than 65 years. Nevi’s network of 12,000 procurement professionals, skilled teachers from the field, and its investment in education and research mean that it’s completely up to date with the latest developments, and is therefore in a position to provide an exceptional perspective on procurement for individuals and organisations.

Price list

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In-company training courses take place at the venue of your choice.


Two on-site course days, plus optional e-learning modules as preparation for the on-site days.

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