Sourcing Business Models

Looking for a new way to classify your supplier relationships and hands-on ways to structure your cooperation? Sourcing Business Models is the newest development in SRM to help you do this.

In this Training you will learn the following

Prepare for complex scenarios in order to defend your position successfully
Identify how procurement can become strategic and add value
Integrate modern strategic theories into procurement strategy
Position Sourcing Business Models on a make-buy continuum
Understand the constructs and advantages/disadvantages of each of the 7 SBMs
Identify current and optimal SBM for own categories
Drive organisational performance through selection and application of appropriate SBM
Integrate the Sourcing Cycle into planning and execution


Based upon research from 2015 by professor Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee (and co-authors) it is time for a new way of strategic sourcing in the new economy that we currently live in. This program will equip professionals with the knowledge, skills and learning experiences to increase organisational value from their suppliers, based upon this brand-new research. By effectively applying Sourcing Business Models (SBM) concepts to their categories, attendees will be able to structure, manage and develop optimised supplier and stakeholder relationships.

This is a practical and interactive course, based upon the methodology introduced by state of the art professors from the USA, and which are already used by the top procurement organisations in the world. In this workshop attendees will practice identifying the appropriate Sourcing Business Model for their own categories (conducting a mapping exercise), and then develop a plan to implement it.


Program outline

Pre-Learning exercise

Day 1

  • Management game
  • Procurement today – Transactional, not strategic
  • Modern thinking’s impact on procurement
  • Relational contracts

Day 2

  • Sourcing Business Models
  • Mapping categories to SBM
  • Application of SBM using the sourcing cycle


More information about Sourcing Business Models? Follow this link.

Practical Information

Target audience

This program is intended for procurement professionals:

  • With a bachelor or master degree (or on equivalent level via work experience) with at least 3-4 years of category/supplier management experience
  • Who are involved in managing supplier relationships.

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